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web2open Berlin - a free unconference during the Web 2.0 Expo

Wanna speak?

Submit a proposal for one of the pre-chosen sessions and use the chance to get a full conference pass.


web2open Europe is a 3 day unconference during the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. Come and join other Europeans on a full week of all kind of events in Berlin!

If you are interested in coming: put yourself on the wiki, submit a proposal to be a pre-set speaker or use the banner to show others you are coming.

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Recap: web2open San Francisco

23.08.2007 | Nicole Simon What is web2open? Well, basically, web2open just like the Expo is an 'import' from the valley, from the very successful Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco this April. :) So let's have a short look at that. Web2open in San Francisco was done as a team effort of Tara Hunt, Chris Messina, Ross Mayfield, with support through the Expo co-chairs Brady Forrest and Jen Pahlka.

Ross wrote about it in "Web2Open":

People felt left out of Web 2.0 in past events because of the cost of attending such a high-powered professionally produced program.  Similar to how some people felt left out from FooCamp by not being invited, but channeled their energies positively to create Barcamp with an open door principle.

Last year I had a conversation with Jen Pahlka about having a Barcamp-style event in parallel to Web 2.0, calling it Web2OpenChris Messina and Tara Hunt were similarly lobbying.  With Jen's effort, the good graces of Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle, some help from Brady Forrest -- it's all happening.

And Tara has two more postings up about it (Web2Expo…, Diversity and the Web2Open) which you should have a look at.

The web2open has been a great event and despite some comments in the feedback collection this event is going to be repeated in Berlin.

Though I said above that it is an import: In all this time I have been talking to people from O'Reilly and CMP, there has been the sincere interest to bring the spirit of this Web 2.0 conference to Europe and make it a real European event. I won't say it is an easy task for them, but they are bravely fighting their way through it. *g*

Behind the scene

23.08.2007 | Nicole Simon While my name is listed as being the organizer of this event together with Expo co-chairs Jennifer Pahlka and Brady Forrest, do not be fooled and make this your event!

We need you as speaker, attendee and yes, also as volunteer helping out during the sessions. If you are interested, leave a comment or enter yourself in the wiki.

Involved in web2open at the moment:
Nicole Simon Nicole Simon, technology implementation analyst and editor Germany for blognation. Part of the advisory board for the Expo and main organizer for the web2open.


As for deciding on who is going to be a speaker of the pre-set slots, I have asked European people involved in Barcamps and alike if they would help out. Not all of them have answered yet (and I am still looking for somebody from Italy or Spain!)
Sacha Lemaire
Sacha Lemaire, E-Business Consultant at Latitude, Orga-Team BarCampAlsace / France and upcoming BarCampRhine


Delphine Ménard
Delphine Ménard, Chapters coordinator at Wikimedia Foundation


Franz Patzig, organizer of BarCampCologne 1 + 2, Frankfurt, Munich, Shanghai 1 + 2, Beijing, iPhoneDevCamp Germany.


web2open Berlin is a go!

23.08.2007 | Nicole Simon

Like in this years San Francisco Web 2.0 Expo the O'Reilly event in Berlin will have its own web2open conference. This blog will be the collecting point for all kinds of information around this week in Berlin. From Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2007 - Web2Open:

Web2Open is a part of Web 2.0 Expo, open to anyone with a Web 2.0 Expo badge. Web 2Open was conceived with the popular O’Reilly events FooCamp/BarCamp in mind. This Open event blends some pre-scheduled content with an open grid where the attendees fill in the sessions they either want to discuss or present themselves. It is the perfect space to provide the community at large with a place to connect with other attendees, learn more about elements of Web 2.0, and share their knowledge and experiences.
Web2Open consists of three major elements on Tuesday and Thursday:
  • Open Grid Sessions: Attendees propose a topic for a talk they would like to give, and they show up and deliver the talk at their selected time. Open Sessions can be scheduled onsite.
  • Pre-Scheduled Open Speaker Sessions: Topics pre-scheduled in advance and given by attendees.
  • BoFs (Birds of a Feather sessions): Informal discussion groups on a particular topic, suggested and run by attendees. These differ from Open Sessions in that there is no formal presentation, only a discussion among those who show up. BoFs may be scheduled in advance or onsite.

Yes I said week because there is a barcamp in Berlin before as well as a Girl Geek Dinner, so stay tuned! :)

Get in touch

22.08.2007 | Nicole Simon In case there is a question which you can't find answered on the blog or the wiki, please ask!



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web2open is a free unconference during the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin in November 2007. The header logo is build out of web2open San Francisco photos from Tantek.


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