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web2open Europe is a 3 day unconference during the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. Come and join other Europeans on a
full week of all kind of events in Berlin!

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On the radar

27.09.2007 | Nicole Simon Thanks to Brady and Jen for posting the link on their blogs, therefore a quick overview:

There is a A week full of events in November and there are reasons why Why you should come and speak at web2open.

If you are interested, it is time to submit your idea for a pre-chosen session, and we will have at least three full conference passes for the best submission on those. Deadline is 7th of October and no, it is not enough to just tell me "I would like to speak". :)

We are Looking for a nicer logo because the current one to display on your page is not very pretty. ;)

Besides other Information channels for the web2open, I think that a mailing list is always helpful for discussion and questions. You will get all necessary information through this blog, but if you would like to engage more (please do), that is going to be the easiest way to get in touch.

Google Groups
Subscribe to web2open Europe
Visit this group

And if you are interested in attending, please add yourself to the wiki and or the upcoming entry.

Registration for Barcamp & Podcamp Berlin is coming up

26.09.2007 | Nicole Simon Part of the experience of web2open is going to be the included Barcamp & Podcamp Berlin 2 as well, which will be open to international visitors.

The location has been found, though not as big as planned but it may be expandable. And as such, there will be some reserved spots for visitors outside of Germany.

If you are interested in attending the Barcamp on the weekend before, be aware that soon the list will pop up. Judging from prior experience, that may be a very short time slot in which you can enter yourself. :)

What you would like to see / hear / talk about?

18.09.2007 | Nicole Simon It seems that there are two kind of reactions on my posting about "submit your proposal".

First, two women - sending me a proposal or asking a question which one of the five options I would like. Then two guys - not really sure what they would like to present, but stating they totally want to.

If this pattern continues there is going to be a very interesting gender mix - smart women and clueless men. ;) But perhaps you can help out to give others some more ideas about what to present on.

What you would like to hear / see / talk about at the web2open?

Don't be shy to also include more basic suggestions - if there are enough people asking for it, I do not see any reason why not to have a session on a more basic topic. (Feedback through discussion on your blog is of course welcome.)

Information channels for the web2open

18.09.2007 | Nicole Simon Everyone has a different level of how they want to participate in such an event, and it is hard to offer them all at the requested level, but let's try! For the I have settled for the following setup, and would be happy for feedback.

Main goal: Have information at your fingertip, encourage conversation but do not overwhelm people with messages who are not into it.

  • This blog is for information gathering around the event, and if nothing else you should subscribe to the feed.

  • the wiki is open for everyone, but hard to follow, which is why I will give some updates in here as well.

  • the twitter account, which for now can have question / announcement like statements, but later can be used as a information channel, and will probably be much more chatty. Happy that w2o was available btw.

  • the facebook group allows me to send announcement like news (which I will use only very sparsely!) and for you to connect with other interested parties.

The 'backchannel' mailinglist is going to be the following.
Google Groups
Subscribe to web2open Europe
Visit this group

Where to ask questions?
There are a lot of questions arising and it will not only be the people reading this blog who can give a good answer to it. At the moment I would rather use a combination of Twitter and this blog.

What do you think?

Looking for a nicer logo

18.09.2007 | Nicole Simon Every Barcamp has a cool logo and although web2open is not 100% Barcamp, it is Barcamp enough to deserve a real logo. One from somebody who knows what they are doing. :)

This is my current one and it is born out of the need to 'just have one'.

web2open europe

If anyone out there has a great idea for it, I would be happy to take it (of course). "Some requirements":

  • People most likely will use it as "I am going" / "I will be there" or "I intend to speak" or something like it

  • It would be great if it could be resusable for the other web2open, so not only Berlin but also Tokyo and San Francisco. I am not sure if they gonna take it, but I don't see a reason why not.

  • If it is also usable as a header logo, I am all for it! ;)

  • It will not be needed on T-Shirts, so you can go full colour, but we might try stickers and there is a possibility of it being printed in the program (not sure about that yet).

  • We will need different sizes, and they basically revolve around promotion: website, sidebar on blogs, meaning a ~170px max width.

  • And a group logo for facebook. The last one is a tricky one because it means it needs to be recognizable in smaller size, or better has a part which can be separated and stand out.

(The current photos above btw where taken from Tantek.)

A week full of events in November

17.09.2007 | Nicole Simon Short version to avoid confusion: Web 2.0 Expo itself happens from Monday evening to Thursday evening. Everything else is 'additional' events. Barcamp Berlin for example was intentionally put the weekend before the Expo for exactly that reason. :)

While the Expo itself with the web2open "only" is happening from Nov 6th-8th, it still is a full week full of events! Let me introduce the different ones to you. :) The sidebar offers you links to most of them on upcoming.

Main events:
  • Sat 3rd + Sun 4th: international Barcamp & Podcamp Berlin
  • Mon 5th: Opening of the Expo with Keynote Tim O'Reilly and Ignite
  • Tue 6th - Thu 8th: Expo + web2open Europe

"Side events"

If anyone knows of other events, please leave a pointer to them!

web2open EU: Submit a proposal for the pre chosen session

17.09.2007 | Nicole Simon This is a 'call for speaker' for the 'pre-chosen session' part of the web2open Europe. Submissions are due 7th of October, anything web2.0ish goes, but European focus preferred. Please use the contact information below.

Most of these available spaces will be taken during the Expo, meaning you just show up and put up a talk / presentation on the schedule. But we will have "pre-chosen sessions" in advance. These are supposed to put a bit of spotlight on new and fresh voices, as well as topics.

Kind of topics we are looking for
  • Perspectives and experiences from different countries, cultures and non-early adopter markets

  • People we haven’t heard talk before

  • People we’ve heard talk before, but about stuff we wouldn’t expect you to talk about

  • Stuff we have never heard of

  • Stuff we have heard of but from an angle we haven’t thought of

  • Stuff we have heard of but at new levels of transparency and revelation

  • Explorations of the Web Arts

  • Research & data in the areas of social networking, virtual communities, open source development, etc.

  • Offline businesses affected by Web 2.0

  • Bleeding edge technology

  • Personal stories

  • Non-profit stories, businesses and technology

  • Epiphanies

  • Announcements (like open sourcing your code, etc.)

This was the original list posted by Tara, I have rearranged it a bit and highlighted the imoportant parts for this web2open. The only thing I would like to stress: Bring something from Europe with you. We do know so little about what is happening in the other countries and I am not the only one who would love to know more about other countries.

Which information should you include

  • name + contact data

  • what would you like to present (title, short description max 200 characters, longer description)

  • something about you (little bio, why are you qualified)

  • if you've already done presentation, include links to docs, audio or video

  • where can we find you on the net (blogs and such)

Send submissions until October 7th 14th to:

Some more explanations:
What are the benefits for attendees?
First it being a chance for attendees to see some of the content they can expect. Especially since this kind of get together is new territory in Europe, I expect this to work well. Yes, there have been Barcamps and alike before, but never really on such scale and surrounding. Perhaps you do not want to speak yourself, but know somebody who should? Ping them!

What are the benefits for chosen speakers?
Once chosen, those speakers will work especially hard on making a killer presentation, right?. ;) It is also a chance to go through the process of 'applying' for such a slot, something I know from feedback many have not dared for bigger conferences.

While it does put a lot of pressure on the pre-chosen speakers, it is at the same time much easier than you think. Yes, the audience expects you to rock, but this is not going to be an audience of 400 people staring at you, but more like 40 people if you have something compelling to talk about. Being a preselected speaker will give you also the advantage to talk about it before the web2open. Please note that there will be no expenses coverage possible for travel or hotel, sorry - it is a free event after all.

But I am discussing with those very nice people of O'Reilly and CMP if we will have some full conference passes for the best of the pre-chosen applications, and hope to be able to give more information on that soon. We will have at least three conference passes for the best submissions.

But that is only a small thing, why should I waste my time on that?
Because it is not. Smaller audience does not necessary mean less important nor less engaging. Especially when you have an interesting topic it is likely that people will drop by.

[Speaking from personal experience: Those 20 people listening to my presentation in SF engaged me in deeper and much more relevant conversations I have ever experienced before. If I would have to rate the ROI on any of my presentations, the web2open would be my Nr. 1]

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me.

Why you should come and speak at web2open

17.09.2007 | Nicole Simon As part of the 'big' Web 2.0 Expo, web2open is an integral part and reason enough to come to Berlin this November. ;) Seriously, besides being able to attend the Expo, web2open, the keynotes of the O'Reilly conference and several party opportunities, you should consider coming to web2open not only to attend, but to present something.

When will those sessions happen?
The web2open slots happen at the same time as the slots of the normal conference, except for the keynotes. Both kind of attendees (O'Reilly conference and web2open) will have the chance to visit the sessions they like, attend keynotes and lunch as well as the Expo. During this unconference on the Expo ground, we will have approximately 36 slots available in three spaces, plus a room for so called round table discussions.

Why speak at all at an unconference?
web2open is not only a space for Europeans to meet, learn and network, but also can be seen as a training ground. Many people would like to speak at bigger conferences, but need to start somewhere - and this is a good chance to do so, especially since everything is in English.

What kind of topic?
Anything 2.0ish goes. But preferable something with a European perspective, the idea of open source and barcamp in mind. Please do not use this as a tool for a product / sales pitch - because people in the room will just leave. Have a look as well at "web2open EU: Submit a proposal for the pre chosen session".

How do I present / where can I sign up?
Enter yourself as an attendee on the wiki, and if you like put something in the session page. Use the time to discuss your session idea(s) on your blog and gather feedback.

Then, on the day of the event, come and put your session up on the board and present.

What about those pre set sessions?
We will reserve some slots for so called pre-set speakers. These are made available to give some speakers the chance to be 'set' as well as challenge them to go through the process of a "call for proposal" as well. See here for more details.

Any questions? Feel free to ask! (see get in touch)

The wiki is there!

07.09.2007 | Nicole Simon It still looks very awful (I have never worked with Mediawiki before, any help is appreciated) but I have managed to get the Wiki up and running.

While this blog is supposed to be there for announcement and informations, is where the preparation around web2open should be happening before the event. :)

Feel free to add yourself to the Attendees list, or propose a topic to Sessions.

Coming soon I will have set up something for the pre set speaker submissions as well. :)



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