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web2open Europe is a 3 day unconference during the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. Come and join other Europeans on a
full week of all kind of events in Berlin!

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What you would like to see / hear / talk about?

18.09.2007 It seems that there are two kind of reactions on my posting about "submit your proposal".

First, two women - sending me a proposal or asking a question which one of the five options I would like. Then two guys - not really sure what they would like to present, but stating they totally want to.

If this pattern continues there is going to be a very interesting gender mix - smart women and clueless men. ;) But perhaps you can help out to give others some more ideas about what to present on.

What you would like to hear / see / talk about at the web2open?

Don't be shy to also include more basic suggestions - if there are enough people asking for it, I do not see any reason why not to have a session on a more basic topic. (Feedback through discussion on your blog is of course welcome.) Used tags: , ,


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four comments

Better late than never and I hope not to be included in the clueless men segment. Actually rather not be included in the women segment either. Maybe a new one - switched on men? No thats not my great suggestion...

As a consultant that finds it difficult to sell social media, very much like the difficult internal sell for many that evangelise social media but then reach the corporate barriers, it would be great to invite decision makers in large brands that do not use social media but we know should be using in order to understand where we as social media practioners are actually failing in addressing their fears and lack of conviction to stick their necks out.
Also, having assisted the morning session at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco where the topic was advertising and how to monetise the investments through user engagement, I was amazed to find that for an industry that believes that advertising will pay for everything, very little was actually discussed in practical terms - many many questions were posed by the speakers - but that's our job isn't it? To ask questions, contribute and take this back to implement. Advertising and business models need to have much more emphasis in these conferences - well this is my contribution - most probably too late for this conference but hopefully relevant to future ones.

So after all this, which group do I belong to?
Nuno Lopes - 04.11.07 - 07:34

Correction - didn't assist but attended the morning session. Sorry - bilinguistic problems arising... "assitir" in Portuguese is to attend... there you go - know you know!
Nuno Lopes - 04.11.07 - 07:36

I am not sure what you actually want to say with your comment, but it seems to me you did not see that this is NOT about the Expo but about the web2open happening at the expo which is something very different.
Nicole - 05.11.07 - 05:21

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