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web2open Europe is a 3 day unconference during the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. Come and join other Europeans on a
full week of all kind of events in Berlin!

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web2open EU: Submit a proposal for the pre chosen session

17.09.2007 This is a 'call for speaker' for the 'pre-chosen session' part of the web2open Europe. Submissions are due 7th of October, anything web2.0ish goes, but European focus preferred. Please use the contact information below.

Most of these available spaces will be taken during the Expo, meaning you just show up and put up a talk / presentation on the schedule. But we will have "pre-chosen sessions" in advance. These are supposed to put a bit of spotlight on new and fresh voices, as well as topics.

Kind of topics we are looking for
  • Perspectives and experiences from different countries, cultures and non-early adopter markets

  • People we haven’t heard talk before

  • People we’ve heard talk before, but about stuff we wouldn’t expect you to talk about

  • Stuff we have never heard of

  • Stuff we have heard of but from an angle we haven’t thought of

  • Stuff we have heard of but at new levels of transparency and revelation

  • Explorations of the Web Arts

  • Research & data in the areas of social networking, virtual communities, open source development, etc.

  • Offline businesses affected by Web 2.0

  • Bleeding edge technology

  • Personal stories

  • Non-profit stories, businesses and technology

  • Epiphanies

  • Announcements (like open sourcing your code, etc.)

This was the original list posted by Tara, I have rearranged it a bit and highlighted the imoportant parts for this web2open. The only thing I would like to stress: Bring something from Europe with you. We do know so little about what is happening in the other countries and I am not the only one who would love to know more about other countries.

Which information should you include

  • name + contact data

  • what would you like to present (title, short description max 200 characters, longer description)

  • something about you (little bio, why are you qualified)

  • if you've already done presentation, include links to docs, audio or video

  • where can we find you on the net (blogs and such)

Send submissions until October 7th 14th to:

Some more explanations:
What are the benefits for attendees?
First it being a chance for attendees to see some of the content they can expect. Especially since this kind of get together is new territory in Europe, I expect this to work well. Yes, there have been Barcamps and alike before, but never really on such scale and surrounding. Perhaps you do not want to speak yourself, but know somebody who should? Ping them!

What are the benefits for chosen speakers?
Once chosen, those speakers will work especially hard on making a killer presentation, right?. ;) It is also a chance to go through the process of 'applying' for such a slot, something I know from feedback many have not dared for bigger conferences.

While it does put a lot of pressure on the pre-chosen speakers, it is at the same time much easier than you think. Yes, the audience expects you to rock, but this is not going to be an audience of 400 people staring at you, but more like 40 people if you have something compelling to talk about. Being a preselected speaker will give you also the advantage to talk about it before the web2open. Please note that there will be no expenses coverage possible for travel or hotel, sorry - it is a free event after all.

But I am discussing with those very nice people of O'Reilly and CMP if we will have some full conference passes for the best of the pre-chosen applications, and hope to be able to give more information on that soon. We will have at least three conference passes for the best submissions.

But that is only a small thing, why should I waste my time on that?
Because it is not. Smaller audience does not necessary mean less important nor less engaging. Especially when you have an interesting topic it is likely that people will drop by.

[Speaking from personal experience: Those 20 people listening to my presentation in SF engaged me in deeper and much more relevant conversations I have ever experienced before. If I would have to rate the ROI on any of my presentations, the web2open would be my Nr. 1]

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me. Used tags: , , , ,


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seven comments

Is there a kind of lightning talks? I would like to spread my troll speech, but I cannot do a full session in English :-)
Torsten - 17.09.07 - 10:59

Hm good idea, one lightning talk entered into the wiki for all the scared ones ;)
Nicole - 17.09.07 - 11:21

Torsten - 17.09.07 - 11:31

How much time is alotted per talk? I didn't find that Information on thw wiki
mdornseif - 18.09.07 - 22:43

Good point. I have to check but if memory serves me well, 45 minutes - or as Torsten pointed out, probably 10 minutes in an lightning talk ;)
Nicole Simon - 19.09.07 - 01:32

I'm not sure I understand this idea of "pre-chosen session". It's a session that is part of Web2Open, but that is "booked in advance", as opposed to the others, which are "planned on the spot"?
Stephanie Booth - 19.09.07 - 08:07

Yes. Around 13 of the available 39 sessions will be pre set (I have to look up the exact numbers).
Nicole Simon - 19.09.07 - 10:00

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